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A laid-back, cool community for all fans of the unique art style of SHAG.

SHAG's Tiki Hut : A Lounge for Fans of SHAG Art
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A laid-back, cool community for fans of of the unique art style of SHAG, aka Josh Agle.
Thank you for visiting Shag's Tiki Lounge!

Please remember, this is a community for SHAG's fans!

All artwork by Josh Agle courtesy of license from Josh Agle, Inc.
This community is not affiliated with SHAG (aka Josh Agle) in any way, nor are we affiliated with any SHAG merchandise reseller/creator.
All icons made/posted by pianokitten and shags_tiki_hut are taken directly from SHAGs artwork, and are rarely changed to maintain the integrity of his art style.

Please credit the LiveJournal user who took their time to create these icons.


If you would like to view the art of SHAG (aka Josh Agle), please visit his amazing website:

There are also countless amounts of merchandise sites selling SHAG-themed/inspired pieces...
Take a look at SHAG's merchandise page, search with google.com, or visit the links below:

...I will be adding more links soon!